Schwarz oder Rot - The new album

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The soundtrack to the apokalypse

Dan Davis interviewed for the music magazine ROCKPLANET

"WITHOUT NAME" from THE WAY OF PURITY in November 2020

for the 4th studio album "SCHWARZ ODER ROT"  

Without name:   "We don’t trust, not even one word which comes 

from the official channels...This “Corona” virus is complete bullshit, 

it is just a way to start working on a global dictatorship where 

people will lose their freedom completely and forever..."

Dan: Your 4th studio album "Schwarz oder Rot" has just been released via Wormeholedeath. How long have you been working on it and can you say a few introductory words?

Without name: We have gone through a quite long hiatus, 4 years without touring and we just released one single (an orchestral version of “Eleven” a song from our third album “Equate”). At the end of the

4th year I decided to rent the studio for 10 days to see if I was able to get some inspiration and write something. It went well and I have been able to write 10 songs in 10 days... I sent the songs to the others,

they all loved them so we decided to record the album a few months later. That’s how “Schwarz oder Rot” was created. As an introduction I could say that this is a rock album, is less metal than the past releases... 

It has a lot of indie rock, dark wave, shoegaze influences, plus a bit of electronics. The great thing is that we have added a male singer in this album. The deep and low voice of Saitam has made it possible to get

this Wave / 80’s vibe and a lot of powerful and epic choruses and melodies. Lost My Faith returned in the project and gave a great contribution on the vocals as well. Our Lyricist Faceless has done a great job 

with the lyrics. Korea Kong arranged the perfect drums for these songs... An amazing team work. We are really happy with this album, like many said it is the best album of our career.

Dan: Is the title of the new album a little like “Matrix” with the blue and red pill, but combined with a certain resignation, where there is no longer any choice between something good and bad?

Without name: Exactly. You have perfectly understood what it means. Schwarz (black) is the immediate end. No suffering, no pain... Just one shot in the head and everything ends. Rot (Red) is the blood, 

the pain that people will have to go through if they go ahead living in this world. Very soon there will be no food, no water, no space. Plastic will destroy the life in the sea, global warming will rise the level 

of sea water so high that so many nations will disappear, bees will disappear. Humans will become so evil and brutal and the poor animals will be the victims of all this. If you ask me, I see a future where

humans wil eat humans cause food and water will be no longer available. This album is the sountrack of the end... In fact the initial idea of the title was “Schwarz Oder Rot (The Sound Of The End)”. 

Then we have decided to only use the german words and we have left it like it is now.

Dan: Exactly. You chose a German title for the album...

Without name: The whole idea around the title (the choice of the language, the font that we have used, the colours mentioned) are part of a provocation. Thanks to the fact that we are so extreme against

humanity, we don't feel compassion for human beings, we don't care about human problems or injustices in this world, but rather we only talk and promote animal-related issues we have been repeatedly called

Nazi-Vegans. We have no interest in confirming or denying this as it's pure human stupidity, we just as much enjoy pissing off human beings, so we have utilized a whole series of these elements that could be 

argued or not, to mirror the dark part of German history. All this for provocation even if obviously the message behind the title is as devastating as all our texts and concepts.

Dan: You are all vegans for my knowledge. To what extent does this attitude to life play a role in the band, or was it more of a coincidence that came about?

Without name: It is not a coincidence at all, you have to be vegan to play or be part of the way of purity, this rule comes first, even before being able to play your instrument perfectly.

Dan: How would you describe your music for those readers who haven't heard from you?

Without name: In this album The songs were first composed as normal and then they were completely turned upside down. Every riff was played reversed and the same was done with the arrangements and the

structures. In fact every intro is now an outro, every outro is now an intro and so on with the verses, bridges etc. The idea came to us because we wanted to write something we couldn't normally write. By playing

the riffs backwards we would have done something unnatural and therefore original and particular. We were not inspired by anyone, we usually make absurd choices because of our artistic schizophrenia. No

one can put us in a bridle and give us rules... we are uncontrollable and unpredictable... If it works in the long term, it will be great for the message, otherwise we are already happy to have space to talk about our 

concept...For us, it is more than enough. I can tell you about our influences so maybe people can understand the sound...We listen to Christian Death (Rozz Williams era only), Joy Divison, The Cure, Sisters Of

Mercy, Interpol then hardcore bands like Morning Again, Neurosis, Converge and some black metal as well like Silencer, Behemoth, Wolves in The Throne Room, Agalloch, Marduk... In a few words our sound

is a mix of all these influnces. Blackened Wavecore I would say. Something like that.

Dan: I read from your message that humans behave like a virus, animals are the crown of creation because they do not destroy their host, so a slightly different picture than many would realize, but a very

interesting view to think about. Can you be more precise about this?

Without name: The earth is a circle, the sun is a circle, time is a circle, the day is a cycle, the seasons change in a cyclical manner, nature works with cycles, animals live in cycles as well following the change of

the seasons, migrating, breeding... Humans are the only species in nature that are running in a straight line and not operating in cycles (or circles). This straight line is terrifying because it doesn't have a beginning

 and doesn't end anywhere. This straight line reveals to us that we don't know where we have come from and that we don't know where we are going to. Obviously, this is all due to the fact that humans are 

designed to hurdle headlong towards self destruction. When all humans are gone, the animals (which are designed to stay) and the planet will finally live in harmony again and everything will be beautiful 

just as it was before humans appeared. Animals know where they come from, the circle is certanity, 'cause they belong to the earth, to the seasons, to time... 

They know the truth and they have this authentic truth in their beautiful souls. If they disappear from the planet, the planet will die. This is one of the main differences between humans and animals: they are

necessary for mother nature (therefore they belong to nature which in our religion is GOD) and humans are detrimental to nature. Animals work with nature to keep the cycles moving, whereas humans destroy

nature just like a virus! Animals follow their instinct, therefore they are pure. Humans only follow their own mere, small, pathetic self-interests and do not belong to nature, humans are not necessary on this

planet so they have to go as soon as possible. Animals are needed, they must stay, and be left alone in peace.

Dan: Apropos "Virus": How do you currently see the current situation in the band on the subject of "Corona". In your opinion, can one believe everything on the subject that is disseminated through the

official channels? Do you see a necessity in all the restrictions and measures, or a kind of overreaction - or something else?

Without name: We don’t trust, not even one word which comes from the official channels. This “Corona” virus is complete bullshit, it is just a way to start working on a global dictatorship where people will lose

their freedom completely and forever. People will even lose the freedom to smile due to the masks, the freedom to have fun cause all the clubs, pubs ecc are closed and the misery is being created everywhere 

through this. This is another proof of how humanity is sick and disgusting slowly reaching its end.

Dan: Are you all from Scandinavia? Chose your own names for the individual band members. Why not real names like most other bands?

Without name: Some of us are from Scandianavia but we are not all from Scandinavia. We cannot use our real names and show our face due to our affiliation to ALF. The Animal Liberation Front are pictured as 

terrorists therefore if we want to continue fighting our war and support our bothers and sisters going top jail for animals we have to keep our identities hidden. Also, on the other hand, we don’t give a shit about 

showing off, showing our faces in the photos, say who we are in the interviews. We consider this “rock star wannabe” attitude disgusting. For us only the message is important, the rest is irrelevant. If the people

will know who I am I will not save more animals, therefore I don’t give a shit to say who I am. Instead they have to be interested in our message. That's important.

Dan: What happened to your band member DeadGirl?

Without name: Unfortunatly Deadgirl disappeared after the release of the first album...We don’t know where she is or if she’s still alive. That’s why we have dedicated her our short movie, directed by SVSI

MEDVSA GOTTARDI, “A Passage Through The Purity Of Pain”.

Dan: There is a video for the opener “The Plague”. Can you say a few words about this?

Without name: The Plagues is the Human race...The song describes how the humans are mean to each other, how they hate each other and how they could kill each other for nothing. Like Charles Manson said:

”Try to think of a world without police or criminal courts...Humans would kill each other just for fun...” That’s the plague...The human race.

Dan: Can you say a few words about the song "Uniformed"?

Without name: Uniformed was written to declare our contempt for "uniforms" and to describe how law enforcement agencies are only interested in personal power, individual power and abuse of authority.

Another symbol of humanity's failure and how the human being is inclined to subdue his neighbor. The main focus of the song is on the word "abuse" in any form. In this specific song we emphasize the use of the 

word Uniform. The song is called Uniformed because whoever wears an uniform usually abuses it.

The Way Of Purity "Spectral" [Official Video]

Dan:     "Do you think secret societies rule our world?"

Without name: "I believe that here's a group of people that are 

exploiting the majority of the population through globalization and a 

global dictatorship. Until people will understant that there are just an 

handful of criminals and that they could be blown away in a second the 

world will always be populated by slaves..."

Dan: Deathwish and Jeffrey were once the guitarists on The Way of Purity. What is the current line-up like?

Without name: Unfortunatly Jeffrey and Deathwish are not part of The Way Of Purity anymore. Our Current line up is: Faceless - Lyrics and Vocals, Saitam - Vocals, Lost My Faith - Vocals, Without Name - 

Bass, Korea Kong - Drums and Faen - Guitars.

Dan: What other music does The Way of Purity listen to in private?

Without name: The bands that I have named as influences are also the bands that we listen to. Then everyone in TWOP has different tastes while relaxing. For instance, I listen to Late Night Jazz, Ambient,

Traditional Chinese Music, Meditation Music...

Dan: Do you think secret societies rule our world?

Without name: I believe that here's a group of people that are exploiting the majority of the population through globalization and a global dictatorship. Until people will understand that there are just an

 handful of criminals and that they could be blown away in a second the world will always be populated by slaves. In the end we were created as slaves (2% of this alien DNA injected into Monkeys that were

present already) to dig for gold when somebody arrived on this planet to stock up this precious energy conductor required by ultra-advanced technologies. That's why gold is the only strong currency

because it is the beginning of humanity and that's why humans will always be slaves in search of a GOD.

Dan: What are your favorite animals and why?

Without name: Dogs. No doubt. They are the perfect animal, created by humans for humans. One of the very few good things that humans have done. Crossbreeding Wolves and Foxes...

Dan: Is there still a message that you absolutely want to get rid of here?

Without name: Please help animals. Whatever you can do, please do it. Donate, volunteer, protect, adopt, fight, promote... Animals need our help because we have destroyed their natural habitat with

 concrete, streets, cities, deforestation and so on...Now we have to do something for them ... no matter what, just do something. Thanx again for the space here, such a great opportunity to

spread our message.​

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